Bud Daughton

  • Born in England U.K. educated in a British Boarding School completed a 5 year electrical trade school came to the United States on July 4th 1976 to meet my Father for the first time.
  • Employed at Eastman Kodak as an Engineer for 18 Years won a Scholarship to Leadership Rochester class of 97 at the same time as Robert Duffy both went to Washington DC together.
  • Joined the Marriott Hotel Corporation as an Engineering Project Manager and built new hotels and  hotel redoes all over the United States.
  • Have enjoyed being an adviser to a number of people running for political office including Tom Galersano.
  • Created a community group call The Greece Neighborhood Association non-for-profit group registered  with the State of New York 16,000 Member in Greece New York.
  • Developed a community web page on Face Book called Original People From Greece New York which has a large viewing follow all of the Development in Greece and attend all of the Town Meeting.
  • Have been a Community Actives in Monroe County since 1984 and have address many Government Legislate Government Bodies in New York State.
  • Held a part time as a Male Model.
  • Have a Family of 5 Sons and 1 Daughter who all Graduated from Collage and 3 run their own Business.